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Leg Day Lover’s Workout

leg day cover

Grab your dumbells, sand bag, barbell, soup cans, or whatever you have handy and enjoy this simple yet effective 3 move workout. This workout will challenge your legs and butt by forcing you to balance, and focus on independently strengthening each leg. By utilizing lunge type movements, your stronger side won’t be able to take over to complete the reps, and you’ll be more effectively targeting individual muscle groups.

It is important to push yourself to a challenging weight, but only as long as your form takes priority. Push through the heel, keep your shoulders back and down, and always make sure your core is engaged and tucked in tight to protect your back. Get low, and really focus on using the glutes with each movement.

Have fun with it!




Repeat this circuit 5 times. For your first 2 rounds, use a lighter weight and go for 10-15 reps for a good warm up. For the final 3 rounds, push to the heaviest weight and go for 5-8 reps. You should aim for a weight that challenges you to barely be able to complete your last rep.

  • CURTSY LUNGE (each side)
  • OVERHEAD LUNGES (20 reps for every round, alternate sides)

Resistance Band Deadlift Workout

deadlift cover

Leg day is awesome! This workout is going to challenge you to complete 6 dynamic exercises designed shape and strengthen the lower body. There are so many cool variations of deadlifts, and the resistance bands are a neat way to superset, or in this case, tri-set your workouts. You will need a kettlebell or dumbell, a restance band of your choosing, and a barbell (0r set of dumbells.)

Push hard,challenge yourself,  mind your form, and as always, have fun.




SET 1: 5 Rounds

  • Band Kick Backs – 15
  • Straight Leg Deadlift – 2 warm up sets of 10-15 reps, then 3 working sets of 5-8 reps
  • Kettlebell Swing – 30

SET 2: 5 Rounds

  • Banded Deadlift – 2 warm up sets of 10-15 reps, then 3 working sets of 5-8 reps
  • Band “V” Kicks – 10 (make an upside down ‘v’ with your leg straight, left + right = one rep)
  • Band Side Steps – 20 (Stay low, 2 steps right is one rep, then 2 steps left is another rep, etc.)



Week 4 Workout Schedule

week 4 schedule

Black Book Challenge: Week 4 Workouts

  • DAY 1 – Legs For Days – Get some weight in there for this one, and really challenge your glutes, legs and core. Make sure to keep knees behind toes, and squeeze those glutes with each rep. If you don’t have a sandbag or kettlebell, you may use a dumbell. You may always substitute burpees for KB swings.
  • DAY 2 – 10 Minute Target: Abs – Today’s focus is all about abs. Use the pre-set interval timer, and push at your maximum effort for each interval. Keep your core engaged and focus on contracting the ab muscles with each rep. Go for 3 rounds if you can!
  • DAY 3 – Rest Day – Rest up, relax, recover, hydrate, nourish, stretch, etc.. Enjoy yourself!
  • DAY 4 – Cardio – Today’s focus is to get your heart rate up and keep it up for 30-45 minutes straight. Push yourself!
  • DAY 5 – Adore Your Core – Today’s workout is a 32 minute HIIT workout designed to burn fat and shape a lean strong core. Get ready to sweat! Push at your max rep for each interval, and don’t forget to breathe.
  • DAY 6 – Rest Day – Rest up, relax, recover, hydrate, nourish, stretch, etc.. Enjoy yourself!
  • DAY 7 – 10 Minute Plyo Fat Burn – Today’s workout is a short, intense cardio blast. This workout takes only 10 minutes and requires zero equipment. Try not to stop moving the whole time!

Week 2 Workout Schedule


Welcome to Week 2 of our Black Book #2 Challenge! This week, we have 2 rest days, 2 focus/sculpting workouts, and 2 short Interval workouts – plus 1 day of cardio. Are you ready?!

Let’s get to it. 🙂

  • DAY 1: Thighs To The Sky – This workout is designed to sculpt lean strong legs and glutes, with a sprinkling of core and shoulder training. You will need some dumbells, a sandbag or a kettlebell. If you do not have access to weights, use something heavy from around your house or yard! Squeeze through the glutes, press through the heels, keep your back straight, and engage your core!
  • DAY 2: 10 Minute Target: Shoulders – This workout is a short approach to training your shoulders, back and core, while getting your heart rate up as well. Today we are doing TWO rounds of this circuit – for a 20 minute session in total. Use weights that are moderately challenging for you, as we are going for a high level of reps within each interval.
  • DAY 3: REST DAY – Use this day to nourish yourself with healthy foods, lots of water, and get enough sleep so you are well rested for tomorrow!
  • DAY 4: CARDIO – Today’s task is to complete 30 minutes of high intensity cardio. The object here is to get your heart rate up and keep it up for 30 minutes. Get it! Try setting an interval timer to take walking, and every minute, sprint for 15 seconds. Mix it up.
  • DAY 5: 20 Minute All Over Fat Blast – Today’s workout is an interval style, full body sculpting workout that is designed to burn fat at an accelerated rate. Get some weight in there and really challenge yourself to push at your MAX effort for each interval. If you do not have access to a kettlebell, you may substitute a dumbell. You may also substitute burpees for the kettlebell swings.
  • DAY 6: REST DAY – Today is your day to relax, stretch, hydrate and nourish yourself!
  • DAY 7: 10 Minute Full Body HIIT – Today’s workout takes only TEN minutes, but is definitely not for weenies… It will make you sweat!! Push hard for each interval, and go for maximum reps. If you are struggling with the elevated reptiles, leave out the push up and just bring your knees to your elbows, alternating right to left. Smile, you’re having fun! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Black Book #2: 60 Day Body Transformation Series


I have always kept a journal of every workout I do. I have filled up 2 Black Notebooks with a variety of different routines, including high intensity interval style workouts, yoga inspired workouts, and weight lifting routines.

This month, I want to share my workouts with you in a unique format, combining exercise and nutrition for a comprehensive program designed to completely lean and shape your body in 60 days.

Starting May 6th, I will be posting weekly workout schedules that will include 4-5 workouts each week. These workouts will be mixed up to include HIIT, Body Sculpting, Cardio, and Recovery routines. Additionaly, every week I will include a shopping list with recipes, and easy to follow food prep instructions that will set you up to support your workout with clean flavorful nutrition.

If you want to take your training to the next level, I think you will really enjoy this program. Everything will be laid out for you, removing all the guess work. Commit to this program for only 60 days, and watch your body and mental health transform right before your eyes!

I will be with you every step of the way, so, WHO’S WITH ME?!



Fit Don’t Quit


Today’s workout is an awesome full body conditioning challenge. You do not need any equipment for this workout, although I chose to use weights for a couple of the exercises. If you choose to do this workout without any equipment, double the reps of the weighted exercises. I found the double time push ups to be particularly tough!! Remember that each double time push up includes a wide push up and a tricep push up, so each 2 reps really equals 1 rep. Take breaks as needed, or modify the push ups to your knees so you can push through the reps! Make sure to record your time so you have a mark to try and beat next time.

Have fun,




  • PLANK JUMPS – 100
  • LUNGE BOXER – 20
  • SQUAT PRESS – 20
  • SQUAT JUMPS – 50

Suicidal Sweat Workout: Black Book # 19

Hi guys!

Today I have an awesome workout which has always been one of my favorites! I have repeated this challenge numerous times to try and beat my personal best, and I hope you will too! There are 4 sets of combos to this workout – try to complete the whole circuit as fast as you can, taking breaks when you need them and jumping right back into it. This is a full body workout that will also give you a great cardio challenge. You do not need any equipment for this workout.



Combo 1

Jump Squats and Push Ups – Do two jump squats and 1 jump tuck, than get immediately into the plank and do 2 half way down push ups and for the 3rd one power up and jump your feet forward into a squat. Complete 15 sets of this combo as fast as you can.

Combo 2

Do 10 Kick Ups, turn over and do 10 Mountain Climber Peaks. Complete 6 sets of this combo as fast as possible.

Combo 3

Do 10 reps of One Leg Pike Press, than jump your foot forward and get immediately into the One Leg Squat position. Do 10 One Leg Jump Squats.Complete 4 sets of this combo on one leg and then complete another 4 sets of this combo on the other leg.

Last Exercise

20 reps of Break Dance Push Ups. Alternate the sides and count each push up as one rep.

**Disclaimer: Take care of yourself, and listen you your body. I will not take responsibility for your injuries. Always use the proper form, warm up, cool down, and stretch when attempting my routines. Only perform exercises which are acceptable for your individual fitness level. Most of all, have fun, and thanks for reading. -Crystal