Black Book Workouts

66 Workouts That Will Completely Transform Your Body

Hi Everyone! Here is a comprehensive list of links to my “Black Book” workouts from start to finish. This transformation series is a 90 day exercise journey that will completely change your health and fitness, and probably also your life, for the better! For those of you who would like to take part in my Black Book Body Transformation Challenge, follow along with this guide at a pace of 5-6 workouts per week, with 1 or 2 active rest days.

Have fun, and enjoy the journey.

ūüôā -Crystal


Week 1: Nutrition Mini Challenge: Eat a green salad before dinner every day this week.

  1. Switch It Up
  2. Six Pack Abs
  3. 10 Minute Full Body Interval
  4. Tight Body Workout: (ZWOW 53)
  5. Stability Ball Workout#2: (Melissa Bender)
  6. Tabata 20/10: (Zuzka Light)


Week 2: Mini Challenge: Eat at least 5 meals every day this week, within your calorie limit. Also, repeat this circuit once per day: 20 push ups, 50 squats, 50 side crunches

  1. Full Body Time Challege
  2. Handstand Hustle! (ZWOW 21)
  3. This Is Sweat! (Zuzka)
  4. Glutes –¬†Time Challenge
  5. 300 Reps! I Dare You…


Week 3: Mini Challenge: Daily: Eat a vegetable at every meal, and do as many burpees as you can inside 3 minutes.

  1. Core and Abs Killer
  2. Minute AMRAP: Scorpio Burpees
  3. 10 Minute Cardio Challenge
  4. Sweet Punishment: 2 Part Time Challenge
  5. Strong Arms, Solid Core


Week 4: Mini Challenge: Eat at least your body weight in pounds=grams of protein, and do 30 pistol squats every day.

  1. Abs and Cardio Time Challenge
  2. Suicidal Sweat
  3. Dynamic Core Blast
  4. Stability Ball Routine (Bender Fitness)
  5. Full Body Fitness Makeover


Week 5: Mini Challenge: Log your food every day this week, and spend 15 minutes per day either stretching, doing yoga, or meditating.

  1. Full Body Shaping
  2. Superset Sculpt
  3. Six Pack Ab Attack!
  4. Full Body Transformation Workout
  5. Bodyweight Burnout!


Week 6: Mini Challenge: Drink a 16 oz glass of water before every meal.

  1. Bender Boot Bamp
  2. Full Body Fitness Transformation #2
  3. Beast Mode Madness
  4. Abs on Fire


Week 7: Mini Challenge: Drink a large glass of water with lemon juice in it first thing in the morning before anything else. Do 50 push ups every day.

  1. HIIT Junkee
  2. Improve Your Rear View
  3. Tight Body Workout
  4. HIIT Sweat and Tone
  5. 30 Minute Yoga Flow
Kettlebell Pendulum - a low impact alternative to regular kettlebell swings.
Kettlebell Pendulum – a low impact alternative to regular kettlebell swings.

Week 8: Mini Challenge: Eat at least 2 cups of leafy greens each day, and repeat this circuit as many times as you can in 5 minutes: 5 Dive Bombers, 10 Jump Squats, 20 Mountain Climbers

  1. Muffin Top Melter
  2. Crazy B$%#@ Workout
  3. Elevate Your Fitness
  4. Shape Up!
  5. Stretch and Tone


Week 9 No mini challenge this week!

  1. Booty and Belly
  2. 550 Rep Fat Massacre
  3. 600 Rep Fat Burn
  4. Bodyweight Interval
  5. All About Abs


Week 10: Mini challenge: drink a full glass of water with lemon every morning before you do anything else.

  1. Smokin Hot 300 Reps
  2. Insane 600 Rep Pyramid
  3. Killer 300 Rep Workout
  4. Daily Fix 3 – Core Crazy
  5. Quick Core and Abs


Week 11: Mini Challenge: Do 50 jump squats every day this week.

  1. Full Body Blast
  2. Full Body HIIT
  3. Quick 100 Rep Bodyweigh Challenge
  4. Ab Meltdown
  5. Heavenly Hips – 60 Minute Yoga Flow


Week 12: Mini Challenge: Do 20 burpees every day this week.

  1. Back Side Boot Camp
  2. Abs and Butt Supersets
  3. Bringing Up the Rear – HIIT
  4. 9 Moves for Strong Arms and Abs
  5. Yoga, long walk, or slow jog to stay active and celebrate your completion of this 90 day program! ūüôā

Stoked on my hat from New Growth Clothing!


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